Interior & EXTERIOR Design

The simple fact is that having a house or office that looks nicer is going to make you like it better and that makes Interior design important.
Our experience with interior design allows us to work within any space working with fabrics, colours, furniture placements, lights, and unique pieces to make everything fit in a beautiful functional way.

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All photos are works of INHOME.

Construction & DEvelopment

A personalised approach to construction and development with an eye on creativity and style to suite your budget and taste. 
Construction Services range from – architechtural & engineer planning, 3d renders, Foundation,  to structure to Development stage.

Development services include (but not limited to)- Painting, tiling, electricals, kitchen installations, roofing, landscaping, plumbing, swimming pools etc. 

We can assure you that your project will be extremely unique in style and quality. 



Find only the best properties on the market for rent (short term / long term) or sale. All our properties are constantly maintained to the highest standards. 

Most Properties displayed on our website are exclusive to INHOME (we are responsible for furnishing and the management of the property) – this ensures that we can be more flexible to suite each tenants needs. However we also have many options to suggest to you.


INHOME guarantees only the highest level of services to maintain your property, with an open and transparent communication with you to help you maximize your value, shorten vacancy cycles, and grow your property property portfolio.

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Maintenance services

We offer an on demand maintenance & services for all property related needs & appliances. We have skilled handy men available for you ASAP.

We offer deep/daily home & industrial cleaning services, appliance repair and maintenance, tv cabling and installation, carpentry, plumbing, painting, electricals, and many more. 

Our response time to site is normally within the next 1-24 hours depending on the type of service needed/ problem at hand.  


Visit our factory store where you can buy ready made items in store, or leave an order for a custom size made to measure furniture set / decorative accessories.

We take pride in our curtains & blinds. – All our curtains are made to measure! You have the freedom to choose the fabric & style. We guarantee it will be the best quality, and best of all it will be an exact fit.

We proudly manufacture majority of our items used in decorating – We also produce Made to measure, furniture, pillows, throws etc.

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